Scott Rye
Chairman of the Board
FRRME America


Dear Friends and Family,

As the world understandably focuses on migrants from the Middle East streaming into Europe, thousands of your brothers and sisters in Christ are in danger of being totally forgotten.

I’m talking about those victims of ISIS — the Christians of Iraq and Syria — who have been left behind inside their countries or in camps throughout the Middle East.

Many of them have seen their family members — their babies and children — slaughtered by ISIS. They’ve been beaten and tortured, raped and enslaved, and driven from their homes.


Give us this day our daily bread…

Please give us the most generous gift you can to help our brothers and sisters in the Middle East...

Hundreds of thousands of defenseless people have fled for their lives. They now live in desperate need in Kurdistan and Jordan. Others remain in Baghdad, and even inside a devastated Syria. All are struggling mightily to survive.

As Chairman of the Board of an organization called the American Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME America), I see their tears and bear witness to their persecution at the evil hands of ISIS.

And today I’m asking you to help me help them.

Our current focus is helping those who have fled ISIS in Northern Iraq, as well as the thousands of refugees who have fled to Jordan to escape the violence. In addition to spiritual support, we provide food, medicine and shelter. We have also set up schools in Kurdistan and Jordan so that internally displaced and refugee children from Iraq can continue their education… and we are providing educations for additional Syrian and Iraqi refugee children in Jordanian schools.

There’s a severe food shortage endangering displaced Iraqis and Syrians, who are becoming ever more dependent on the food that FRRME America provides.

These innocent civilians terrorized and displaced by ISIS …

… I answer God’s call to do everything I can to help them. You can help them, too.

My organization — FRRME America — is on the ground in Baghdad, Kurdistan, and Jordan, providing life-saving emergency shelter, food, and medicine to Iraqi and Syrian Christians and other refugees.

For more than a decade, we’ve been providing urgently needed humanitarian assistance to Iraqis uprooted from their homes and livelihoods by conflict and war.

Today the displaced, persecuted and poor have come to depend on FRRME America for the most basic necessities …

Our medical and dental clinics at St. George’s Church in Baghdad provide care to those who otherwise would go without treatment.

We go to where the people are, and we provide them with clothing, shoes, water and food, and the hope and comfort of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We find the needy in camps, in makeshift shelters within abandoned buildings, in the churches and schools. With support from our supporters, people like you, we do everything we possibly can to help them stay safe and healthy.

We also enable refugee children to attend schools run by local members of the Christian community in Jordan. So many of these children have been out of school for three years or more. And until they come to our school in Amman or the three schools in neighboring villages that we support, they have no books, not even a crayon or pencil to color or write. They have nothing to occupy their minds except the horrors they’ve witnessed.

These traumatized children of war need you. They’ve seen things that no one should ever see — rape, torture, executions and beheadings of their family members, friends and neighbors by unbearably cruel ISIS fighters.

Oh, but you should see the light in the children’s eyes when we visit with them and give them their very own olive wood crosses.

Despite all the horror they’ve experienced, they still love Jesus and have faith in Him!

These children — all these people — depend on us. And many of them will go hungry in the coming days and weeks unless we reach them with the food they need.

There is an urgent and growing food crisis, particularly inside Iraq, where FRRME America works.

The World Food Program has had to cut by half the food rations it provides because of a severe lack of funding. Therefore, people are getting half the food they used to receive. And with no means with which to buy food, many will go hungry.

I believe that God is calling us to rise to the challenge of feeding His people.

And I’m asking for your help in answering His call.

FRRME America depends on caring, generous people like you for all of our funding. We simply can’t do what we’re called to do without you.

Right now, I desperately need your help to purchase and distribute emergency food aid to families who are struggling to survive. [Image of family or group of refugees -- no caption, but tuck it into the copy next to the list of $amounts.]

  • For $24, you can provide enough food for a family of four for one month.

  • You can feed a family of four for two months for $48.

  • You can feed a family of four for three months for $72.

  • For $96, you can provide enough food to feed a family of four for four months.

Food is something these victims of ISIS can’t live without. They need us to provide milk, bread, flour and other basic food items, or I fear they will go for days, and God forbid weeks, without enough food to eat.

So please take a minute now and complete the enclosed Daily Bread Donation Form. And tell me how many needy Iraqi and Syrian Christian families you can help me feed.

Just $24 will feed one hungry family of four for an entire month. Won’t you please help me do at least this much? I hope it’s not too much to ask of you. I pray that you can help!

This is your chance to make a difference! Thank you and God bless you.

I can’t possibly help our brothers and sisters without your support.


Scott Rye

Chairman of the Board
FRRME America


P.S. It’s so good of you to provide emergency food aid, hope and love in God’s holy name to Iraqi and Syrian Christians who are persecuted and displaced by ISIS. Please decide how many hungry families you can feed and send your urgently needed gift today. They will be eternally grateful for your kindness and generosity, as will I.